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AI Clinical Tools for Pharmacies

Software tools for automation and personalization in pharmacies. We enable pharmacists to work faster and more accurately.

Built by pharmacists
for pharmacists

We help you build pharmacy care clinics

Redefine how clinical services are accessed and delivered in community pharmacies.
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Our Products

AI Tools for Community Pharmacy

Medication Review

Identifies medication issues and flags for pharmacist review. Provides suggestions based on previous encounters with similar patient types.

Patient Education

Generate personalized counselling points tailored to the patient's education level, literacy, and reading preferences.

In-Consult Scribe

Streamline intake and consultations by seamlessly documenting vital patient information in real-time.

Clinical Search

Find relevant, evidence-based information quickly to deliver informative patient care.

News Feed

One-stop dashboard for pharmacists to stay informed on anything from clinical practice changes to new medications.

Minor Ailment Assistant

Guides pharmacists through eligibility criteria and recommendation of products. Identifies treatment red flags.

Patient Conversations

Automate patient engagement and administrative tasks to improve adherence.

Travel Consultation

Guidance on health risks, vaccinations, and preventive measures for any destination or travel itinerary.

And More

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Here’s what makes us different from your conventional software

At Asepha, we are passionate about supporting pharmacists by streamlining day-to-day operations in order to deliver exceptional patient care.

Accuracy tested on benchmark PEBC exams, outperforming ChatGPT and Google Bard by over 20% difference.
8 min
Average time saved per patient interaction
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Comprehensive Data

Real-time access to a database of over 9 million peer-reviewed, evidence-based sources, updated daily. Citations are always provided.

Made for Pharmacy

Built by pharmacists, for pharmacists. Our platform is designed specifically to meet the unique needs of community pharmacists.

Multi-Modal Capabilities

Asepha delivers outputs in text, image, and video, ensuring you receive information in the most useful and accessible way.

API Ready

Integration into your platform. Easily connect our tools to third-party applications, data sources, and services.

HIPAA Compliant Infrastructure

Our proprietary large language models are trained on thousands of real-life pharmacy encounters, pharmacists' clicks, actions, and repetitive tasks that perform better than the state-of-the-art LLMs for clinical use cases.

Deep patient-based approach to generative AI
Industry standard data encryption secure storage

Experience the Asepha difference, like a personal assistant for every pharmacist.

Leverage the next generation of digital health experiences. Improve the user journey for both patients & pharmacy staff.
  • High ROI
  • Time savings
  • Enhanced care
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