AI Clinical Tools for Pharmacies

Asepha makes it easy for pharmacists to integrate AI-driven solutions into daily tasks. Create custom solutions in less than 5 minutes.
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Dive into the Power of Asepha Agents

An agent automates and optimizes pharmaceutical tasks. Transform challenges into opportunities with:

Automated analysis of drug therapy problems (DTPs) for unmatched patient care.

Address vaccine queries swiftly and generate custom schedules.

Informed decisions for optimal renal care outcomes.

Gain deep insights for modern diabetes care.

Design an agent specific to your needs in minutes.

Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) Test Results Comparison

Asepha's AI algorithm is trained for pharmaceutical knowledge, providing you unrivalled precision. With an accuracy of 91.9%, Asepha outperforms its nearest competitor by a massive 7% for general use cases. By refining our datasets and prompts, we can further increase the accuracy up to 99% for specific use cases, ensuring you get the most precise insights for informed decision-making.

The Business Advantage

Build the next generation of digital health experiences. Improve the user journey for both patients & medical staff.

High ROI: Experience a remarkable 19x return on your time investment.
Time Savings: Save 17% of your day with Asepha's automation.
Enhanced Care: Detect potential clinical issues earlier, ensuring superior patient care.

Integration and hosting features

With API-ready integrations, best-in-class data security, and tailor-made solutions, Asepha ensures you’re always compliant and always ahead.

API Ready
Integrate Asepha effortlessly into your existing systems.
Top-Tier Data Security
Benefit from dedicated private servers.
Custom LLMs
Get a tailored LLM based on your pharmacists’ interactions, with zero added hassle.
Coming Soon
Regulatory Compliance
Stay ahead with HIPAA approved and EHR integrated solutions.

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