AI infrastructure for healthcare companies

Create unique healthcare solutions in less than 5 minutes. Build your own medical chatbot, study tool or copilot software with Asepha API.

Performance on the Canada pharmacy licensing exam

Benchmark performance on the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) sample tests.

Improve satisfaction

Easy answer retrieval within seconds. Increase efficiency to provide better patient engagement & consultation flow.

Reduce burnout

Automate administrative tasks to support healthcare staff. Reduce team stress levels and turnover rates.

Optimize costs

Reduce time spent searching for data. Create software for better decision making and more accurate processes.

Leverage AI for your healthcare platform

Build the next generation of digital health experiences. Improve the user journey for both patients & medical staff.

Only evidence-based medical information
Bring your own documents and websites support
Security and privacy built in, no PHI or PII stored

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